The pompano fishing is really starting to heat up from our local beaches. We’re seeing a lot of multiple fish days and some good size ones as well. Here are a few tips that will hopefully increase your catches while surf fishing for pompano.

One of the most important things to consider while pompano fishing is to try and stay away from braided fishing line. Although you can definitely cast farther with braid, the amount of stretch in monofilament fishing line really helps keep your weight anchored.

Another thing to consider is the size leader you are using. I personally like to get away with the smallest size leader I can without breaking it during my cast. Normally this is around 20-pound test. Fluorocarbon is not a necessity but definitely will not hurt.

Some people like to use the float rigs and while I do believe they catch a lot of fish I personally like to use a small pink bead right at the eye of my hook. Bait is another important decision to make as well. It may be coincidence but some days it’s almost like these fish get dialed in on one type of bait and it is never a guarantee which bait will work best for that day.

From my experience, I like using peeled shrimp and fish bites on muddy conditions when the fish are more focused on scent than on visual appearance. For the clear water conditions, I like to use live sand fleas and fish bites.

As far as hooks I like to use a 1/0 circle hook, black/brown color seems to work best. Lastly the size weight. Depending on current and swell height I use the lightest weight I can get away with. On flat calms or north wind days I like to use a 3 ounce weight. This allows me to cast far enough to get on the second sandbar where the fish normally travel.

On the rougher days or when the current is bad you’re forced to use a 4-6 ounce weight. Pyramid weights are the best option as they stick in the ground a lot better than a circular shaped lead that like to roll and not dig.

Last thing I can recommend when pompano fishing down the beach, make sure to keep a small spinning reel with a pompano jig handy in case you get to sight fish some fish cruising close, this is about as fun as it gets!


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