The first tournament of the year for the Pensacola Redfish Tournament Series will be on Saturday 1/26. If you’re planning to compete for team of the year more than likely you’ll need to fish every event.

Marquis Basin, Blackwater Bay
5187 Nimitz Rd
Milton, FL 32583
$100 entry fee per team
Registration will begin at 5:15, shotgun start at 6am/safe light.
Artificials only, shotgun start, no boundaries, all anglers must use the same boat ramp are not allowed to load and relaunch at another location.
Teams will consist of two anglers per vessel. All fish will be weighed on the same scale.

All fish weighed must be inside the Florida redfish slot 18”-27”. Redfish length will be verified on a Check It Stick slant board with a Check It Stick tail pincher ran to the 26” line. Each team may weigh in two legal redfish and the team with the heaviest aggregate total weight wins. All fish must be weighed in alive. Dead fish are allowed to be weighed in, but are not allowed to be put on ice before being weighed in. Iced or frozen fish will be disqualified. Teams are subject to a half pound per dead fish penalty.

Start time will be at safe light (varies throughout the year) and all teams must be back at the ramp by 3 pm. Late teams will be penalized a half pound per minute that they are late.


1-4 teams – winner takes all

5-6 teams- 1st 80%, 2nd 20%

7-9 teams – 1st 70%, 2nd 20%, 3rd 10%

10+ teams – 1st 60%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 10%

Team of the year:

The team of the year will receive two $100 gift certificates to Lost Bay or Grays Bait and Tackle. Points will be totaled after the last tournament and the team with the highest total will be named team of the year. First place will receive 100 points and points will decrease by one point with each place. Example: 2nd 99 points, 3rd 98 points, 4th 97 points, etc.


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